Gowhere You Love Podcast (Ep. 8) — Stan Sono

Our first episode of the new year is fittingly with a special guest and artist who we think will have a next-level 2017. In fact, at the time of his debut release late last year, I deemed Stan Sono as, simply put, the next big singer to come out of Chicago.

Below, we’re proud to give you our 30 minute sit down with the budding star as, alongside JJ, we dive deep on a wide-ranging set of topics meant to let fans and new followers alike find out about Stan Sono, the person.

Not only what inspires him (both musically and in everyday life) but also an always entertaining Speed Round that covers his music fandom and other likes that we can all relate to. (Well, except I’m Warriors over Cavs, but that’s cool.)

We cover everything on music from what’s to come on his upcoming debut EP, Infatuated, including an exclusive preview of Stan’s new single “Need It” (UPDATE: It’s out.) dropping in full tomorrow (02.03) — and everything on a bigger scale: Stan’s thoughts on the state of R&B, the lane he hopes to carve within it, the transformation from his previous artist name Mr. Music to Stan Sono, and for the upcoming artists out there: deriving his songwriting creative process from 100% real-life situations.

Whew! It’s a lot, but really it’s an easy 30 minute listen you can just play and find out more about one of the hottest artists right now in 2017. We play new music and have some laughs along the way so please check it out (on iTunes below too if that’s your thing) and catch up on what’s out from Stan Sono at the bottom. Salute and special thanks to the longtime fam, Stan Sono for breaking it all down.

And as always, to you reading, thanks and #GowhereYouLove!

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* * * *

00:00  Intro (Theme by: @MarcusTheArtist)

01:20  The transformation from “Mr. Music” to “Stan Sono”
03:31  The Stan Sono brand + team: Goodbye Tomorrow, I.D. Labs, Wiz Khalifa’s Manager Will Dzombak, Flow Clark
04:30  Thoughts on the state of R&B and what is the lane for Stan Sono?
10:51  Music and Life inspirations: Michael Jackson, The-Dream, Kanye West, Jeremih, Mama Sono, and everyday life experiences

14:35  **MUSIC BREAK** Stan Sono “Rewind”

16:51  Songwriting and producing: how Stan Sono goes through the creative process with added perspective from JJ (also a songwriter: Jeordi La Forge) — including a story on “Rewind”

22:16  **MUSIC BREAK** Stan Sono “Need It” (**GWHH Exclusive Preview** — Single out in full 02.03.17)

23:44  >>Speed Round<<

>> What artist would you want to produce for?
>> What was the first CD you ever bought?
>> Fresh Prince or Martin?
>> Artist that you feel is slept on?
>> Cavs or Warriors?
>> Your first AIM screen name?
>> Favorite Cereal?
>> Favorite concert you ever attended?

31:25  **MUSIC BREAK** Goodbye Tomorrow “NoOne or Nothing” f/ G-Herbo (prod. Stan Sono)

33:23  Stan’s #GowhereYouLove message to the people

* * * *

Brought up in the pod: Stan Sono performing (left) in part of Goodbye Tomorrow‘s first nationwide tour.

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