#GWHHPremiere Sonny Boy "YOU Mad"

2013 was a very good year in Hip Hop, we saw the rise of alot of skillful lyricists and the resurgance of the artistry and competition within the rap game. So with such a good year behind us, I figured I would start 2014 off on a good note by sharing an artist that is a personal favorite of mine..

Premiering today exclusively on GoWhereHipHop is rapper, Sonny Boy, with his new single “YOU Mad”. The song is off of his upcoming EP, Another Dropout, set to release early 2014. This Chicago MC taunts at the competition with his colorful wordplay and metaphors in this uptempo anthem produced by Young Goku.

A Chicago native, Sonny Boy relies heavily on his lyrical ability and distinct voice to stand apart from other artists. When asked about his style, he explains himself by saying “I have a real serious side, but I can be silly at times”. Aware of the negative perception of Chicago, he uses his creativity to be more entertaining, over promoting some of those social stigmas. He says,

We get looked at as a war zone…its honest and decent people out here, but the media mostly perceives us as monsters.

He even comments on other local rappers’ subject matter by encouraging them to be more responsible, “Tell your story, that’s cool….but if you’re gonna make music that promotes violence, you have a responsibility to explain to kids that you’re telling stories and that this [violence] is really damaging our neighborhood.”

As a hip hop fan, I particularly look for artists that can fuse talent and entertainment and Sonny Boy is definitely that. He is very personable, but also brings an “In Your Face” attitude mixed with a good sense of humor, almost reminiscent of an early Ludacris. He makes a point to rap on beats that sound mainstream but emphasize more on lyrics than the average radio-ready single. It’s still early in his career, but I feel after the release of his 1st project there will be big things coming for Sonny in 2014. Stay tuned in to Gowhere Hip Hop for all the latest news and releases!