James Fauntleroy ‘Dojo’ (EP)

I’m here for new James Fauntleroy, as longtime readers know well and good by now. He’s one of our favorite interviews in the last year and one of my favorite singers to put people on about in general.

DOJO features 6 must-hear new tracks from the spiritual singer/songwriter. I see an instant next step in direction with the overall sound: a mix of percussion, some electronic, and acoustic all mixed into one.

“Student Teacher” is an engaging first listen and “Runaway” and “Stop Running” are probably my two favorite tracks, back-to-back too. “Oblige” is the one preview we got and can definitely hit the mood before “Amnesia” steps up the tempo and wraps up the project nicely. I have this one on repeat status too.

Without further ado, press play and sit back for a good twenty minutes. You won’t regret.