Jay Z, Rihanna x Thursday Night Football

Tomorrow night, the NFL Season begins and while that’s awesome in itself, why not amplify it with Jay Z, Rihanna, and Don Cheadle?

Via FOX Sports:

Each Thursday night game will kick off in style, as CBS Sports and NFL Network announced that the opening theme song will be a star-studded performance that features musical artists Jay-Z and Rihanna and actor Don Cheadle.

As Jay-Z and Rihanna perform their award-winning song “Run This Town,” Cheadle will narrate a customized preview of that night’s game.

I’ll be tuned in anyway, but maybe you reading at home will at least tune in for the start of the game now too.

Sidebar: Is it sacrilege, as a Bears fan, to have Aaron Rodgers as your fantasy football QB? Asking for a friend…