Kanye West & DJ Mano part ways

I’d be remiss not to acknowledge the parting of ways between ‘Ye and longtime tour DJ/Treated Crew leader, DJ Mano as the already informed know from a crazy blogosphere today that was all over Mano after he tweeted late last night that he and ‘Ye are no longer working together and subsequently on Kanye To The, a video from earlier in the summer went viral that edited clips of Mano and Kanye mishaps on tour. Many sites stated Mano was “fired”; however, Mano himself never said “fired”, Kanye himself has not addressed anything today, and yet the blogs were quick to use the term after that video made it an easy (lazy) way to support the claim. Just thinking about it logically, I don’t believe he was “fired”. I’d then like to note a Hollywood Holt tweet below that Mano retweeted so that we can all put on the brakes with the judgment.

The only fact is that they’re not working together anymore, which I was initially disappointed about because I think DJ Mano’s grind here in Chicago and how he embodies an independent movement (#TreatedCrew) gave Kanye’s set even more of a hometown roots feel. That said, I’m also positive about how it’s best for all parties involved and at the end of the day here, our support is for all parties involved too. Chicago all day!

On a lighter note, I love Taiwanese animators. They were quick to create this today, which Mano found humorous as well.