How Kanye West met Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami sat down recently with the New York Times Magazine’s Jay Caspian Kang and amongst the intrigue was the story of how he met Kanye West. Without further ado…

Before Murakami designed the album cover for Kanye’s Graduation album, he says that it was Ye’s label that connected the two creatives. “Kanye’s record label contacted me and said that he really liked a sculpture of mine — a woman with huge breasts. They asked if he could come to see it. It just so happened that the sculpture had just returned to the studio for repair. I said sure.” Murakami added that Kanye “stared at the sculpture, completely without words, just silently looking at it. I think he was moved by it, because he took hundreds of pictures with his digital camera.”

This is the sculpture.


Read the full interview here.

h/t Complex