Kendrick Lamar TPAB Oral History

Oral history stories are always fascinating, but lately, I’ve really only seen them surrounding sporting events like most recently the 10th anniversary of Kobe’s 81 point game.

Now, the Grammys put out their fascinating feature of how Kendrick Lamar created To Pimp A Butterfly, including finding the right sound and recycling music along the way to get to the “real funk”. Here’s Kendrick on how he even got George Clinton to work on the album, let alone find him.

I had to find George Clinton in the woods, man. He was somewhere in the South and I had to fly out to him. We got in the studio and just clicked. Rocking with him took my craft to another level and that pushed me to make more records like that for the album.

Interviews with Kendrick, MixedbyAli, Thundercat, Rapsody, and more make up the feature here.

P.S. Just felt like using that “alternate” cover as the lead above. Pretty cool one, right?