Kid Cudi ‘Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ (Album Stream)

Alas, Kid Cudi’s album is here.

It’s only fitting it makes the holidays of 2016 as Cudi just slayed a demon in his personal life with a recent stint in rehab. We of course, first and foremost, hope his spirits continue to stay high and always rise upward.

And I think the reaction to his new album will only help…

Mine: H#*^ S#*T!

I’ve been up on the previews like you so when the all-new track 02 hit, “Swim In The Light” came on, whew! I was transported. The strong stretch of songs continued to the next previously released drop “All In”, so so far, Cudi can’t miss. “By Design” featuring the first guest spot from Andre 3000 not only felt like a true back and forth collab, but instantly became a song on repeat.

From here, I’ma let it breathe and find the right mood (and better speakers lol) to fully appreciate the album. I’m sure I’ll have an update with more detailed and eloquent commentary sometime this weekend, but for now, I’ma just sit back and enjoy assuredly well into 2017.

You can too… (Apple Music link)

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