Lupe Fiasco ‘Drogas Light’ (Album Stream)

I dig the rare, but always pleasant surprise when an artist releases an album ahead of schedule. Even if it’s a day. Seriously, if you’re a legit fan of the artist, the early release gets you more jazzed.

With Lupe, well, no need to describe my fandom. Longtime readers know he’s a favorite round here.

To add to the intrigue, Drogas Light is Lupe’s first ever independent album as his long and tumultuous relationship with Atlantic ended with Lu’s last album, Tetsuo & Youth. I’m a full listen and digestion in and have some first impressions below. But alas, if you missed the stream floating around earlier today, get to the play button here.

Let’s start with the top — my favorite stretch of the album, in fact. Lu comes with it right away with the “Dopamine Lit (Intro)”. NGL with Ty Dolla $ign (their collabs are always solid, if not greater) and “Promise” feature multiple gems and thought-provoking lyricism that I found myself running back after specific lines. Of the three, “Promise” has the most repeat potential with that chorus too.

“Made in the USA” and “Jump” were solid previews that I didn’t quite put in rotation, but they totally match the flow of the start of the album now too. I almost just played “City of the Year” first because I’ve been hearing it all week on SportsCenter and been needing to hear the full version. It didn’t disappoint and I especially feel my Chi-Town pride with it on.

One of the two Simon Sayz features follows and that’s where the album begins to turn into more experimental, or at least unusual, sounds that Lupe doesn’t really go over. This, along with a “Wild Child” or the laid-back “Law”, may take some listens to get into more. I actually really like “Law” as well as “No Design” from the last half of the album. Lu ends it all with a dedication to his mother on “More Than My Heart”, which is another one that’ll be in the overall playlist and one to at least appreciate. I love my mom so much too, after all.

So with that, give Drogas Light another listen with my new lens in mind and see, like I will, what else will catch on with more listens. Lu’s music has a way of growing on you so really do give multiple spins. Enjoy!