Majid Jordan (Album Stream)

If you’ve been following the Majid Jordan previews thus far, you know I’ve been hotly anticipating today for the full drop. The OVO duo release their debut album with the lone feature coming from Drake on the first single.

No need for any other additional vocalists as Majid Al Maskati proves he can carry the album by his lonesome, with unique deliveries and narratives. Plus, the powerful, layered productions from Jordan Ullman, with help from ILLANGELO, Nineteen 85, and even 40 are all entertaining by their lonesome. I can listen to a full instrumental album from then if they ever want to go that route.

But below, we have a top R&B album of the past calendar year. I know there’s some recency bias here, but I know come 6-12 months down the line, this self-titled debut will stand at the top tier, for sure. Of the new tracks (50% of the album was previously previewed), I rock with “Love Is Always There” the most with “Make It Work” and “Pacifico” not far behind.

Click on the individual songs for more commentary/videos, and catch their first video interview as part of their press run this week with Hot 97 ICYMI if you want to know more about the people, Majid Jordan. Entertaining stuff. And then without further ado… the album stream down bottom.

Majid Jordan Tracklist:

1. “Learn From Each Other” (prod. by Majid Jordan and ILLANGELO)
2. “Make It Work”
3. “My Love” (Feat. Drake) (prod. by Nineteen 85, ILLANGELO, co-prod. by Noah “40” Shebib” and Majid Jordan)
4. “Small Talk”
5. “Pacifico”
6. “Shake Shake Shake”
7. “Love Is Always There”
8. “Warm”
9. “Something About You” (prod. by Majid Jordan, ILLANGELO)
10. “Day And Night”
11. “King City” (prod. by Majid Jordan, Nineteen85)
12. “Every Step Every Way”