‘Mastermind’ prod. J. Manifest x GWHH

Recently GWHH had the chance to sit down with the man behind Rick Ross hit “Drug Dealers Dream” from his ‘Mastermind’ album. To say that J. Manifest is a new comer would be a lie, he has produced for the likes of Max B, Beanie Sigel, Slick Pulla, and Young Chris just to name a few. The producer has been rising through the ranks for years using his musical talents to create a future music mogul. We discussed his musical influences, artists, and his thought process when producing. If one doesn’t know of J. Manifest then GWHH is here to open your eyes to one of the best overall producers in the music industry.

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GWHH: What were some of your musical influences growing up?

J. Manifest:  Some of my influences were DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, and Timbaland just to name a few.

GWHH: How did you get started in the music game?

J. Manifest: Actually I started as a rapper in a group which didn’t last long, so eventually I went into producing invested in the equipment and started creating original beats.

GWHH: When do you create some of your music?

J. Manifest: Really middle of the night is the best time for me to create music. You’re blank and super tired so you’re going off straight emotion.

GWHH: Is there a certain sound that you strictly stick to?

J. Manifest: I create all type of beats from R&B, Pop, Dub Step, East Coast, West Coast beats there’s not anything I won’t do.

GWHH: How did you link up with Ross for the “Drug Dealers Dream”?

J. Manifest: I actually linked up with Gucci Pucci (CEO of Maybach Music Group) when he came out to North Carolina and he I would just send him beats all the time. Eventually, one day he hit me up saying Ross is going to use one of ya beats on the album.

Rick Ross “Drug Dealers Dream” (prod. J. Manifest)

GWHH: How long did it take for you to make “Drug Dealers Dream”?

J. Manifest:

It only took 8 minutes (laughs). I actually made the beat in 2011 and really didn’t like it that much, but Ross said he loved it so that’s all that matters. This goes out to everyone out there never underestimate what you create!

GWHH: What does the future hold for super producer J. Manifest?

J. Manifest: More on the production side working with more artist independent and main stream. Also, working with my company Legion of Musik Worldwide where we work with producers and artists helping them get there music out. I want to people to remember never sleep on you work the next one might be your best one. Follow me @JManifestNC.