Michael Jordan “The Shrug” 22nd Anniv.

About a month ago, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of “The Shot” here on Gowhere, that why not keep it going even if the number isn’t as round as 25? Today, 22 years ago, marks “The Shrug” in which Michael Jordan added to his legend with a Game 1 Finals-record setting performance for Points in a Half (35) and 3-Pointers Made in a half (6). One of my earliest memories is Marv Albert saying, “Did you see that look?” shortly after MJ shrugged after his 6th 3-pointer. I get goosebumps just reliving this again above in a well-worth it 13 minute cut-up of said record-setting 1st half.

A couple bonus random notes from the video: 1. a random lane violation is spliced in the first 3 minutes – the relevance of which I can’t decide besides being randomly hilarious. And 2. the quick interview with Michael’s driver/personal assistant George by a 90s flat-topped Ahmad Rashad. I’ve heard George mentioned in old MJ interviews, but we got to hear the incredible story from George himself about how the two met when Michael first flew to Chicago in 1984 after getting drafted by the Bulls. The team failed to send a driver to O’Hare and George’s passenger cancelled on him, enabling the two to find and help each other out. Ha! What a cool story, bro.

Alas, relive the OG “Shrug” above… before there was Kanye’s to you young readers…