Michael Rapaport talks Snoop & Tupac’s first meeting, more on ESPN’s TrueHoop Podcast

First off, the photo above is legendary.

Michael Rapaport knew it as the picture was being taken. He explains as much during his guest appearance on the ESPN TrueHoop Podcast… and much more too.

The pic was taken at the Poetic Justice wrap party, which was also the occasion that Tupac first met Snoop Dogg. *AND* …get this, the first time that Snoop smoked a blunt. Ha!

Perhaps you’ve heard a version of this story before, as Rapaport described once upon a time in reflection with Snoop Dogg himself. I watched that version earlier this year and this retelling has even more cool details.

At the very least, listen below through the first 18 minutes. Then keep it going for some more entertaining NBA talk with the always entertaining Amin Elhassan, Big Wos, and Mariano Bivins. I like these guys for the NBA chat alone, and there’s some good criticism of our hometown Bulls and Rajon Rondo. Rapaport joins in on the sports talk too to go along with the story above, so all in all, you’re in store for a very entertaining listen. Great way to start my run of pods to kick off the new year. Enjoy!