Mike Posner ‘At Night, Alone’ (Album Stream)

I’ve been waiting for Mike Posner‘s new album as much as any of the big name releases this month and to the plan, we have his new 18-track opus that’s literally a soundtrack he suggests we listen to ‘At Night, Alone’.

This is a follow-up to Mike’s last EP that exhibited some of his most honest and expressive lyrics to date. You know by now that that ironically got remixed into a top 5 worldwide hit with I Took A Pill… There are more dance remixes that make up the last third of the album so there should be a lot here to suit your mood. I’m lookin’ forward to diving into the all-new records with songs like “In The Arms of a Stranger” and “Silence” already hitting that right chord. In general, we’re just glad to see Mike Posner making waves with such authenticity combined with just really good sounds. Sit with this tonight at posting time or one of these nights you stay in on the weekend 😉