Mortal Kombat X [Trailer]


The fighting game of our childhood is on track to get the reboot for next-gen systems like the PS4 and XBOX One next year in 2015 and the tenth version of MK has the appropriate bad-ass title of Mortal Kombat X.

The game is revealed today with this trailer pitting Sub-Zero and Scorpion in a fight set to an all-new Wiz Khalifa record “Can’t Be Stopped”. The fight is pretty jaw-dropping with the various 3D graphics and close-ups of the game’s most iconic characters. And yes, it’s made even better with this first listen of the Wiz song. The beat is both motivating and cinematic and Wiz’s fast flow is fun to follow. “Can’t Be Stopped” already has “We Own It” potential so I’m highly looking forward to its release, hopefully for the upcoming Blacc Hollywood album.

And oh yes, there’s a fatality. Watch and enjoy this video above and view the full press release on MKX here.

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