New Video Spotlight: 01.20 – 01.26

I’m kicking off a new segment for the new site as we would like to highlight some of our favorite picks every week. We know that online music consumption is at an all-time high and that you, the reader, need a filter to comb through it all and be exposed to new artists and songs along the way. That’s what we’re planning on doing with these consistent spotlights.

I’m excited to bring you this first edition, spotlighting a quartet of new music videos from the past week that are all great songs first and foremost, and on top of that: innovative visuals. These are all must-watches and each one is very different from the next.

S-Preme “Righteous” (prod. Mr. Music | dir. Rick Wayne)

Taking the lead is emerging Chicago artist S-Preme with the first single off his upcoming album. “Righteous” first premiered two weeks ago and the SoundCloud is at 30K plays already. Last Monday, the video premiered to 17K more views and was instantly impressive due to its flashy, seizure-inducing cuts and the deeper layer the video adds to the meaning of the song. I asked S-Preme about the deeper meaning of the symbolism in the video and detailed my appreciation for it in the post here (or click the title).

Director Rick Wayne crafted a masterpiece of quick cuts that perfectly sync with the words and even feature some motion graphics in between scenes of S-Preme himself. Not to go unnoticed is the production by Mr. Music as the video ends on his breakdown. Check out the video and download the full song (1.5 minutes longer than the video) because if I had to pick one rapper to watch from our hometown in 2014, I’d choose S-Preme. “Righteous” is scratching the surface at the depth of what’s to come. The next pick for the spotlight comes from some fellow Chicagoans who have been co-signing “Righteous” as well…

Krewella “Human” (dir. Miles Evert)

“Human” is the clear emotional winner of this set of videos in the spotlight. Krewella broke out in 2013 with their debut album, Get Wet, amongst many high-profile collabs, co-signs, and tours in the EDM world. The sisters Jahan and Yasmine set them apart in that genre with siren vocals that pop over the sounds of the group’s third member Rain Man.

The song above is not one of the group’s party records, but instead more of a ‘chill-step’ record as the acoustics actually bring the record in. For the video, their longtime videographer Miles Evert mixed in a lot of candid behind-the-scenes footage from their touring the past two years, and even before, that really show the “Human” side of these artists. There is adversity in any climb to the top and those trials and the emotions displayed above are where we can relate while watching this. Frankly, it’s hard not to feel a mix of emotions as the video progresses. Give this one a shot and once again, click each title for our full-length feature post and commentary upon each video’s release.

RDGLDGRN “Doing The Most” (dir. KingGreen | written: Pharrell)

Again switching up the sound and tone from the previous video, we have D.C. band RDGLDGRN with what they call their favorite track: “Doing The Most”. The colors released their self-titled debut album through Columbia in 2013, earning a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and even working with Grammys 2014 star Pharrell on this track for the album. The group’s unique alternative sound mixes in very good rapping and singing to more directly appeal to old school hip hop heads.

For the video to “Doing The Most”, it’s first prefaced by The Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, as he does his thing on the drums in collaboration with the group too. Wow, talk about co-signs right? After the intro, the video proceeds to narrate a normal day for the colors and giving us a glimpse at their personalities, aimed at first-time viewers. For instance, they love soccer. There are a lot of cool shots in this video that’s already reached 130K views on Pharrell’s YouTube channel. Needless to say, press play.

Saigon “Best Mistake” f/ G Martin (dir. Fabrizio Conte)

Rounding out the first new video spotlight is a more traditional hip hop/R&B collab with a message. Saigon and singer G. Martin tackle the issue of a parent raising a child without the better half that created it. The song stresses to do what’s best for the child and I can only sympathize with those struggles and agree that it’s so important to take responsibility and create a healthy lifestyle for the future. The video is shot wonderfully through a winding road and with many cameras mounted to the drop-top convertible, creating some cool driving visuals capturing Saigon with G. Martin singing and riding shotgun next to him. As with this video and all the videos, take some time out and press play. I’m confident you’ll at least gain a new appreciation. Until the next spotlight to come soon…