Run The Jewels kicks off SXSW 2015

While the music side of SXSW doesn’t officially start ’till tomorrow, the Spotify House kicked things off yesterday with performance artists The Bumbys and a high energy set from Run The Jewels.

Though the liquor flows like “Twisted Heat” one of the downsides of SXSW are long lines and the inevitable reaching of capacity at most venues. With that said – arriving early is a must and the best parties will have creative ways to keep you busy while waiting for your artist to take the stage. In addition to a an open bar, the Spotify House brought in The Bumbys who are known for their “fair and honest appraisals of your appearance” (Gill gave me a 9.3 – I can live with that) and Bose stepped up with a Disco room (think oversized portapotty filled with mirrors, disco balls, and a Bose stereo system instead of.. uh, all the usual unpleasant things that come along with a portapotty).

El-P and Killer Mike took the stage and killed it for an hour, and while the set was incredibly on point, a random attack on stage brought the show to a halt for a moment as Mike threw the “fuckboy” off stage (conveniently into me) which is when I grabbed him and pulled him off stage. When the ogre stepped towards me I obviously stepped back (I’m a 9.3 with Carmine 1’s – I’m a man but I ain’t about to go and throw all that out the window, ya feel me). Shit. Mike got the whole house chanting “fuckboy, fuckboy” as he left the house bleeding. Great show but absolutely terrible (if any) security.

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Go to sleep trying to Run Them Jewels! #SXSW #RunTheJewels #CashThat #SpotifyHouse

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