Schoolboy Q’s Pit Stop Tour [Recap]

Did the floor shake?  Did he play old shit?  Are Oreo’s vegan?  Duhhh.  Concord Music Hall was sold out last night for Schoolboy Q‘s “Pit Stop Tour” – call it a test run for the (yet to be announced) Blank Face Tour.  Q came out swinging with new jams like “Any Means Necessary” and followed them up with crowd requests ranging from “Hands on the Wheel” to “Yay Yay.”  Anthems.  Just about anyone in the room could’ve taken the mic at any given moment and would’ve been on point with it.  He let Kendrick’s verse run on “Collard Greens” and Ye’s on “That Part.”

Basically, if you were at a house party where Schoolboy Q was performing, and even though you couldn’t see him due to the lack of a stage and just the natural crowdedness of a house party, but you knew he was still there, and then Ye came out unexpectedly for his verse, and even though you still couldn’t see shit, you knew they were up there so you’re yelling every word while not quite moshing but jumping very closely with the people around you… Like you definitely couldn’t see, but it really didn’t matter cuz shit was that lit… Yeah, it was like that.  Except you could see.  I mean, unless they don’t let you ride roller coasters.  If you’re not tall enough to ride a roller coaster then you probably couldn’t see.  Again, it really didn’t matter.  I’d be more upset about the whole roller coaster situation, really.

The cuts went deeper ’till Q announced they’d run out of time and could only do one more.  He wanted to do three.  So the first pump fake was “Man of the Year.”  Word.  “You can’t drink and drive, but you can smoke and fly” he said as people made a jump for the exit.  “I will be back… Nah, fuck it.  One more song.”  He played two – “What They Want” and “Hell of a Night.”  I don’t know if he ended up paying a fine for going past his slot or not, but what was clear throughout the entire show is how real Q is on stage.  So many artists are turning away from the skeleton of what a rap show use to be in favor of a cookie cutter performance.  Sometimes it works, but most of the time it feels forced and only takes away from what we, the audience, really want – to escape, be immersed in the mood, feel that certain way we feel when that shit drops and the whole room is singing the hook.  This isn’t broadway.  We don’t want to be entertained.  Don’t try and build us up.  Just give us the sauce.  Drop it and bet we’ll pick it up.  I know there’s always somewhat of a game plan before you take the stage, but we’re not fooled by the rehearsed bits. Schoolboy Q didn’t waste anyones time last night telling the same story he told the night before or playing tired ’90’s joints to fill the gap.  Chicago’s pit stop felt more like a party than a show.  A proper party.  With a bounce house.  No height restrictions.