SNDCLSH ‘Don’t Drop The Flag EP’

Cannot. Let this one go under the radar.

I loved the first couple of releases from DJ Sky Gellatly and DJ Lupe Fiasco, now a few years back ago. Lupe titled the duo SNDCLSH and together they’ve performed sets across the country with the original uptempo sounds you’ll hear below on their new EP outta nowhere (!) — Don’t Drop The Flag.

Lupe stealthy tweeted it out this week and I’m just now seeing it and downloading from Apple Music. It boasts 5 tracks total, the first 2 being the previews I spoke on above: “Clocks” (the perfect NYE anthem for the lyrics too) and “Thieves”, released back in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

The other 3 tracks are new (new to me at least) and all of them match the energy and quality of the first 2. So all in all, you have a 5 track playlist that’s perfect for New Year’s and beyond. Love the dance vibes and some of the Japanese (?) elements subtly included in “You And Me” and “Juicy”.

Alas, here’s everything on Soundcloud and hit Apple Music for the rest.

BONUS: Also an amazing callback below.