The *Tibs Favs. of September, 2015

It’s October 5th, and actually my born day today *What a Time.. To Be Alive* so I’m here to actually give you guys, our longtime readers, a gift. My personal *Tibs Favs. of September before it’s too late in the calendar to reflect.

Actually, it’s never too late with good music. Why put a shelf life on it? It seems like more than ever that new music is disposable because there’s always something new to come out the next day. (I feel like I’ve been saying that for years too, geez.)

So without further ado, here’s a twist on my *Tibs Favs. monthly recap as I create my own category or situation for the song. If you’re like me and crazy picky like to associate songs to your current vibes, then you’ll appreciate this even more. Whatever the case, I just hope you don’t sleep on these picks!


Favorite Track to Play Ball to: Drake & Future “Big Rings”

I gotta start with my favorite activity and I know there’s fellow ballers out there that can relate to this pick. After all, we all have a go-to pump up song. Mine varies on a monthly basis and September’s naturally comes from the hottest hip hop album of the month, dare I say: year. So this is how I’ll start, and how What A Time To Be Alive should have started too: “Big Rings”.

Before ballin’ ya gotta get amped and Drake & Future are good at providing that soundtrack. This month they combined forces and “Big Rings” settled as the biggest anthem from the album for me. It’s the one, and only, track that I listen to everyday, a few weeks now after the fact. It also hit repeat status the day after the album dropped on the way to play ball. I kid you not, I had that extra bounce like I was playing in The Finals. Have kept it on repeat for the 7 minutes it takes to get to the gym.

Also: I understand this is the go-to pump up song for many right now but I think it has long-lasting potential for more than that. Isn’t this the perfect song for: A.) walk-up music for baseball players this month and B.) the Golden State Warriors ring ceremony on October 27th? Seriously, if the Warriors game ops guys drop the ball on this one and don’t at least have the “Big Rings” instrumental blaring as Steph, Klay, and Draymond go up to walk Commissioner Silver’s hand then I just may have to go out there myself…

Favorite Going Out Song: The Weeknd “The Hills (RL Grime Remix)”

From ballin’ to going out, why not go with the most popular choice… but of course with a twist. It’s only fitting for this recap as it’s RL Grime who gave the #1 song in the country a fun, uptempo twist. He especially perfects how he cuts off the hook for the drop. High energy every listen.

The masses soon caught on too, but I’m confident that if you blare this in a crowded Uber from your Spotify that even the driver will be surprised… then want to go into the club with you. I don’t even go out like that, but I had this at high volume in the car speakers for a birthday outing last weekend.

The Song That Plays Next: The Weeknd “In The Night”

My cute way of saying this is the runner-up. With Beauty Behind The Madness dropping at the end of August, we’ve had some time to digest The Weeknd’s grandest project to date. “In The Night”, with its infectious sample of Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”, turned out to be accurately hyped as his “Billie Jean”. I’ve actually been lukewarm about Weeknd’s MJ imitation this year (from the “Can’t Feel My Face” visuals, live dance moves, and even one can argue “Earned It”)

Favorite Visuals: Goodbye Tomorrow “The Way”

Probably the biggest no-brainer of this list. And that would remain true if the headline read “Year” instead of “September”.

“The Way”, a short film, is such a superb, cinematic gem from an artist (hailing from the hometown no less) who possesses as strong a message as any debut artist of recent memory. I’ve marveled at all of Goodbye Tomorrow’s releases, visuals, and debut album this year (and break down “The Way” in full here) that at this point you should already be familiar.

If not, ready yourself…

Favorite Album to Listen to While Staring at the Ceiling: Add-2 ‘Prey For The Poor’

Going to keep it Chicago and offer up the lone album/mixtape/project of choice for my monthly faves. This past month there are albums that dropped for seemingly any mood, but this day in age, I love to throw it back and find that one hip hop album of lyrical substance that you can’t multitask to in order to fully appreciate.

Add-2 has long proven he’s that type of artist. His new album, the debut opus through Jamla Records, proves it yet again. Prey For The Poor is probably the most soulful rap body of work to come out since TPAB. I was going to type further, but need I really say more after that?

Favorite Song to Sing Along to: ZHU x A-Trak x Keznamdi “As Crazy As It Is”

ZHU’s Genesis Series has been a consistent weekly occurance every week since mid-September into October. The mysterious singer/producer was one of my favorite discoveries last year and his second project is shaping up to push the envelope of the first. “As Crazy As It Is” is the best example of that thus far as ZHU merges his electro-pop style with Jamaican singer Keznamdi and A-Trak providing some 80s hip hop scratches.

If that doesn’t sound like it goes together, don’t worry it actually does. And it’s racked up the play counts these past few weeks because I have a guilty pleasure to sing along, whether in the car or while updating Gowhere. And this is just one of the funnest tracks to sing along to because Keznamdi has one funky Jamaican flow. Prepare to get this stuck in your head and dedicate it to a complicated lady in your life…!

Favorite Track to Cruise Down Lake Shore to: Duke Dumont “Ocean Drive”

I’ll end on the song that didn’t come out in September but is one that I discovered last month. See? I practice what I preach!

“Ocean Drive” happened to autoplay after the RL Grimes remix above and joins the going out playlist because of my first experience. But this one’s simply tailor made for a cruise down Lake Shore with the windows down, or the Pacific Coast Highway if you’re out west. C’mon, with a title like “Ocean Drive”, the set up is perfect. The music itself though backs up the on-paper vibes beautifully.

Duke Dumont establishes an electro-pop sound features the right synths for sunset and the hook only carries out another MJ-inspired groove. Not only the hook, but the verses as well so it’s another guaranteed pick for good group vibes with the casual music fan.

In fact, all of these songs are! Trust me, I’ve been playing them for people all month and embodied this MEME perfectly. Your turn to add to my choices and do the same!

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