What A Time To Be Alive debuts at #1

I had a feeling that 500K projection last week was a tad bit high. But still, the official numbers are in according to Nielsen Music and 375,000 copies is mad impressive in this climate of album sales (334K were pure album sales).

There was no threat on WATTBA landing at #1 in its debut week and it just keeps the successful year going for Drake & Future.

Revisiting my first impressions of WATTBA a week later… “Big Rings” has emerged as the 1 go-to track in my rotation from What A Time. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought this, but it’s also the perfect anthem to crossover to sports — specifically ring ceremony time for the Golden State Warriors 1 month from today. (If the Warriors game ops don’t at least play the instrumental while Adam Silver awards Steph & Co. their rings, then he/she should be fired.) Or maybe our hometown Cubbies, Tommy La Stella or Dexter Fowler can play the hook for their walk-up music. The former plays “Back 2 Back” and Fowler plays all of Fetty Wap’s singles so they seem like the best fits.

Alas, I digress… salutations, Drizzy & Future. You can now stream WATTBA on Spotify after Apple Music hoarded it with the one-week exclusive. Ha! Listen below:

ICYMI: Drake: “Don’t worry, he’s dead already.”