Solo “Save It For Later EP” [Mixtape]

Making his splash in the Chicago Hip-Hop scene is Solo. The Latino Chicago based spitter has been working on perfecting his craft for quite some time now and begun that journey at the age of 15. His first official release is his “Save It For Later EP”, which showcased his eloquent flow over an eclectic mix of production. The production credits on the EP include Ill Tal Beat, Reelo (from The A.S.A. Project), The Hernandez Bros, and Z The Savage. Save It For Later is a story of finding one’s voice and holding on music which was later released within this project, so we can definitely expect much more from this promising Chicago upstart. More on the release below by Solo:

Thank you to anyone who helped me put this 5 song EP together. Big ups to my big bro Reelo of The A.S.A Project for helping bring this vision to life. Thank you to the producers who allowed me to rap on their beats, it’s a great honor. Thank you to my friends for pushing me to drop this because without them it would probably still be sitting in my email, scattered throughout the files. A majority of the songs were made last year and I figured we could always save them for later because the timing wasn’t right. Thank you to anyone who actually listens as a fan, you guys allow me to share a dream that I didn’t think would be possible. We have a lot more music in store and it’s coming to you REAL SOON.