Beats and Bars “Who They Wish I Was Vol. 1 EP” [Mixtape]

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Beats and Bars is a group comprised of youngsters from the Little Village/Lawndale area that have been truly honing their craft under the mentorship of respected emcee Navarro (fka Scheme), in his after school matters program. What the students have been up to has been carefully creating a project titled “Who They Wish I Was”. The nine-track EP allows us to walk alongside these students and get an understanding of the reality they face on a daily basis. More on the project below.

The first official release from Beats & Bars is Who They Wish I Was, a complete 9 track EP. Written and produced by students of Little Village Lawndale High School, Who They Wish I Was chronicles the day to day life of these southwest side teenagers. Songs such as “Can’t Take It No More” focuses on their angst towards their environment and coping with the repercussions of street life in Chicago. The title song “Who They Wish I Was” has the teens proclaiming they will not become what society expects them to be as young men from the inner city. “It’s Alright” and “I Was Wrong” provide a hopeful ending to the project. Produced predominantly by Disrupt, one of the students in the program, the production on the EP is a perfect balance of soul samples and hard hitting drums. Who They Wish I Was encompasses the life many teens in Chicago face on a daily basis, but these teens plan on surpassing all expectations and becoming their cities next success stories.