Chris Crack “#JackedTape” [Mixtape]

Chis Crack has been on a roll with his recent releases and has unleashed some more heat on us with his latest project #JackedTape. When I had interviewed Chris a bit back he had confided upon me that some of his prized possessions, his unreleased music had been stolen and in retaliation he has released this tape to vent out some of his frustrations. The #JackedTape is motivation as Chris lives off adversity and flourishes. You might’ve taken from Chris’ plate, that just made him hungrier and more ambitious. More on Chris and the tape below.

If you haven’t heard the “cult-like” D.I.Y. #FREESWAG movement from Chicago’s Chris Crack, get familiar. 
The Hype is real. (So real, designer clothing company IRIDIUM, designed a pair of pants inspired by Chris’s #FREESWAG campaign)

Captain James Withers (formally known as Trill Withers: The Gold Mouth Dog, AKA Chris Crack) has stirred up a lot of noise in the Windy Cities’ scene.
Having just released third chapter of his acclaimed #FREESWAG mixtape series, entitled #TREESWAG (the #SoulTrap collaboration between MC TREE and Chris),
has inducted Chris Crack as a Red Bull Sound Select Artist, curated by Fake Shore Drive and rightfully placed Christopher Crack on the frontier of emerging artists in Chicago hip-hop. 
(Stream all of the #FREESWAG mixtapes HERE via SoundCloud.com)

Now Christopher Crack continues his onslaught of new material, this time, through #JackedTape. 
The project serves as a bellow of frustration towards a group of anonymous assailants who had stolen valuable music-productions and recordings from Sir Crackaveli.

“#JackedTape was brought to you by lots of Drugs, Booty, Beers, and Red Bull.”