Dally Auston “99¢ EP + 5th Element Interview” [Mixtape]

With a renewed focus, Dally Auston is in his prime and delivering the best music of his career to date. With Dally’s The Wood, we got to see Dally’s easy-going laid back demeanor. With his WestSide EP, we get a gritty and dark taste of his upbringing in the West Side of Chicago. The latest stage of his career with the “99¢ EP” gives us the most personal look at Dally, the person and takes us on his journey as a maturing individual and independent artists.

For a closer and personal take on Dally please listen to the interview I had with Dally Auston below on The 5th Element HipHop show, placed below.


The 5th Element Interview (1/14/17):

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