Eli Saf “KID” (Mixtape)

While going through twitter and networking every day, you find really unique artists that are trying to bring something cool to the culture of hip hop.  The fact that I am able to build those connections, I really get to see artists progress is a bonus.  Bronx rapper Eli Saf drops his anticipated project “KID”.  The reason why I have so much appreciation for Eli and this project is because at only 18 the amount of his life and stories he put into his work.  From struggling through school and putting his life all into his work is why this project gets great.  As well as the production mostly done by Eli, he was able to create a more natural sound for himself to bring on each track, by playing around with some cool snares, it opened up the ability for Eli to bring diverse flows.  The younger generation is already putting out content that shows great signs of where hip hop is going.  Expect to see Eli apart of that positive movement.