J. Ivy – Diggin’ In The Papes

J. Ivy ‘Diggin’ In The Papes Vol. 1′

Great to hear some new music from J. Ivy. One of my favorite Chicago artists, the poet and musician presents Volume 1 of what I hope is a continuous series — Diggin’ In The Papes. J. Ivy has had quite the catalogue of impressive collabs over the years — some you surely know, some have yet to be released until today. Some even went a little under the radar and J. Ivy pulls a little something from here and a little something from there for this free download project below. You’ll notice a heavy soul sound throughout, but then freestyles over Lil Wayne’s “Drop The World” or Disclosure and Jimi Hendrix. I love the versatility and this is a great, feel-good playlist that sparked some late night productivity tonight. Assuredly, it’ll do the same in some way for you if you give it a chance below.

This comes at a great time too for me personally… I was just listenin’ to “Never Let Me Down” with Maks G, cruising the Chicago highways last week, and I honest to God thought, man when is J. Ivy going to drop some new music?! The power of thought, I suppose.

More from Ivy to come too… if it’s not musically, it’s with his upcoming book, Dear Father: Breaking the Cycle of PainStay tuned…

Says J. Ivy:

I’ve recorded hundreds of songs.  My J. Ivy playlist in my iTunes is on swole, so I figured why not give you a taste of what I experience when I shuffle thru the vault. DJ’s are known for “diggin’ in the crates,” but when a poet goes fishing in the stash of notebooks and journals, I like to refer to it as “Diggin’ In The Papes.”

From Slum Village to Crooked I to Disclosure to Mikey Rocks to Carl Thomas to Chill Moody to a remake of a Jimi Hendrix classic I’m excited to share Volume 1 of this collective with you and yours.