Jarrell Auzel “After Dusk” EP

Just recently this summer an artist by the name Jarrell Auzel had contacted me about some music. At first I felt like there were some things that didn’t make sense to his music but as I got to get more familiar with him and his music I started to understand the direction he wanted to go. The sound of his music comes off very dark and “drugged out” which he actually describes through his songs but it is more of him just giving off everything that effects him. I can really tell there was a ton of emotion behind this EP and Jarrell’s overall sound, but I will add, he can spit. He delivered some dope ass lyrics and just the way he can put a song together is cool, I can tell his creative process is very different. Theres some shit you can really vibe to, some snares and hard drums for those who like to move to the music. Take a listen to this EP Jarrell Auzel has put together.