Lewis & V E $ U V I U S ‘Dark Sex Audio 02’ (Mix)

Intriguing title, sure. But the theme of this 50+ minute mix is exactly that.

It comes from Lewis (an artist you should know by now, if not click that link to our posts on him) and V E $ U V I U S and together they bring together a mix of hot independent artists, rare versions and covers of songs you know, and just some straight up classics to set the mood right… and with the lights off… for your bedroom experience.

You can squint at the provocative cover art above for the full tracklist with some highlights being the beginning of Tunnel Stripe Exit Ramp kicking this off too, followed by Drake and Kanye. Plus, I really liked the end — a female cover of “Hold On” by Olivia Grace going into the Caroline Shaw version of “Say You Will” and then a hypnotic original from Lewis called “Slavers”. In between you get a mix of more originals with the likes of Nirvana and a Kid Cudi/MJB collab I almost forgot how good it was. I dig the overall creativity and curation here.

Enough talk. Get to the play button (and more…)