Marcus The Artist ‘Hotline’ (Mix)

You can always count on Marcus The Artist to deliver dope one-hour mixes, and with Valentine’s Day as the backdrop, he puts together Hotline featuring a whole lot of R&B and R&B/hip hop collabs from over the years that go as far back as 1990.

To give you a sense: Marcus blends together these artists right off the bat — Biggie, Akon, Hov, Usher, Dream, and Jeremih (not to mention the lovely Tinashe, who graces the cover.) That right there should warrant the play button.

As longtime readers know, Marcus is the longtime fam and out here based in LA with us now too. He even DJ’d the first “Gowhere Wedding” from within our team last month with a lot of us in attendance. So, seriously, we had family vibes and lots of throwback R&B vibes that are even within the above mix. When Fab & Jagged Edge come on with “Trade It All”, and Bruno Mars with “Finesse” soon after, I immediately brought it back to the fellas here. Marcus’ old-school picks are always A1 and more of his original remixes can be found on his Soundcloud (or every episode of the Gowhere You Love Podcast ;)) Enjoy!