MC Yogi ‘Yogi Rising’ (Mixtape)

I was put onto MC Yogi just last night, in fact. I attended a meditation group with co-founder Maks G out in L.A. and a new friend mentioned him as an artist who raps about the yoga culture (hence the name) and these New Age vibes.

I followed through today and landed on his Instagram where he put up this classic Bruce Lee photo quote. I vibe with the man Bruce Lee a lot so I had a pretty good feeling seeing this and given the recommendation even before I pressed play on the music.

On top of that, it turns out he actually put out a new mixtape just yesterday!


Yup! You can head to his site, for the full download. I extracted a couple of his videos below for a convenient preview of what MC Yogi is about.

“Dancing In The Sun” illustrates his unique hip hop/electronic sound and carries out the upbeat vibes the song title and visuals elicit. I liked “Road Home” even more as MC Yogi’s storytelling is elite level and creates an anthem for all the fellow travelers out there. *Tibs Fav. status on these and many of the rhymes on the mixtape. Yogi Rising is split into two 15-minute Volumes and the scratches blend together some familiar beats. I geeked out on the stretch of The Pharcyde’s “Passin Me By” followed by Mario Winans’ Enya sampled “I Don’t Wanna Know” followed by “T.R.O.Y.” halfway through Vol. 1.

If you’re as focused on the lyrics as we are, then you won’t be disappointed if you’re checking out MC Yogi for the first time like myself. Chances are I’m the one that’s behind. The SF native already has a host of studio albums and viral hits honoring President Obama and Mahatma Ghandi. So give it a look-see below and hit his site once again for the download. *hands raised emoji*