MICK ‘Greetings Earthling: Outkast Rarities & Remixes’

OutKast fans, this is for you.

Indulge yourselves in a 2 hour mix of old rarities, demos, collabs, and remixes from Big Boi & Andre 3000 — a must-add to your OutKast catalogue, courtesy of MICK (formerly Mick Boogie). A lot of us are not only longtime OutKast fans, but also longtime Mick Boogie fans, so having the latter produce a two-hour long mix is a fantastic appeal for us fans of both. Below is the official statement and where you can press play already.

Greetings Earthling: Outkast, hands down, is one of my favorite groups of all time – in any genre of music. Their music set trends, defined a generation, and created a mood unlike any other. In honor of their Coachella reunion, I put together a fun mix of Big Boi and Andre 3000 rarities, demos, collaborations and remixes. If you’re a MICK (or Mick Boogie – remember him?) fan, you’ll find this similar to the retrospectives I did for A Tribe Called Quest and the Beastie Boys. If you’re looking for Outkast’s greatest hits or stuff from their albums, you’re out of luck. Go to iTunes and buy those right now. If you’re a true fan and looking to dig a little bit deeper and really enter the world of the Dungeon Family – this is made for you. And it’s hella long – maybe TOO long – almost two hours! Lastly, check out the special painted original cover we created – made by Deftone of Jolly Awesome. Take me to your leader…

h/t Nah Right