a new dope

Mint Lab Astronauts ‘A New Dope’

The Mint Lab Astronauts have delivered on their unique release strategy for A New Dope. The Chicago duo has dropped all the songs dating back to last winter, one-by-one, and now this summer — the release of them all together as they’ve picked up more plays and fans since the start. It’s a nice idea for fellow upcoming artists to do since chances are fans new and old alike aren’t up on every song over a long time period. Now, you can what you may have missed all at once!

If you have caught a post, song, or more from M.L.A. this year, you know by now I dig their style. Both j.pak and pak.one spit with a variety of deliveries, subject matter, and honesty. And then I’d put pak.one up there with any producer too. My top tier faves are “Hubcap”, “One More Time”, and “Hocus Focus” so dive into those and A New Dope in full below.

PLUS, ICYMI and perhaps to get a cool visual intro to the Astronauts, peep our latest GWHH Production below — “Lounge” LIVE. (Note the same aesthetic in the video and cover art above.)