MnR “Sabbatical” (EP)

The young LA duo MnR release a special 4/20 Extended Play.  Theres always something about underground artists releasing some cool music on this stoner holiday.  MoThoro is the producer behind the duo and this is now the third project I have heard by them, his production is constantly advancing, but he has such a deep west coast sound to his beats, and still stands out from a lot of other West Coast artists to me.  The other half of MnR, Rasul has yet to come up short or disappoint me, and to be honest I don’t think that will happen any time soon.  The punchlines are always improving and the flows just get cooler from this emcee.  Mainly MnR just wanted to put out some good content for people to listen to.  Take a listen to this 6 track EP “Sabbatical“.