New Charles Hamilton music

Yup, the return of Charles Hamilton..!

As the story goes…

A personal friend of Charles named Zach Gero sent Pigeons & Planes two files full of unreleased material on the rapper’s behalf. The first album, My Heart, is “Charles’ attempt at killing the mainstream and radio,” and even features a song with his old buddy Pharrell. The second, The Zone, “is that classic 2008 Charles Hamilton sound everyone begs for.”

Over the past year and a half or so he’s been back and forth between Harlem and London working on a gang of new music. Initially it was just going to be a ghost-writing/production deal but now is actually gonna be a full album deal with Turn First Records. He’s doing A LOT better mentally and physically these days (but, of course, is just as eccentric as ever, hence that interview, lol). You can find him at or

I listened to “Hyperspeed” featuring Pharrell and it’s that eccentric Charles over a poppy Pharrell beat, with P’s touch very minimal vocally. I’m looking forward to diving into the rest.

Watch the aforementioned Charles Hamilton interview: