Nique ‘D.O.P.E III’

Longtime readers may remember this talented Vegas emcee Nique. He’s been on the short list of rappers outside of the Chi that I’ve personally rocked with heavy over the years. We brought him on the old Gowhere Radio show with Vocalo back in the day, but fast forward to today — his birthday, and the surprise 3rd release of his D.O.P.E. series.

The ensuing result is flat out another must-add mixtape this week, complete with a breezy 10 tracks that mixes some original work with remixes such as Migos’ “Versace”. Now I know you’ve been hearing rapper after rapper over that song, but Nique is instantly in the top tier of rappers for that song. He actually naturally had a Migos-esque flow before Migos was poppin’ and as such, he’s a natural fit to ride this song. Along the way, he drops a flurry of slick, non-obvious NBA references. Example: see if you can catch the clever nod to Anthony Bennett.

While “Versace” is a great starting point, so is naturally the intro. It gives us the first glimpse into Nique’s underdog mindset with relatable lines like the one below.

I ain’t fuckin with this job shit,
Life throws you jabs you just gotta learn to bob quick.

A couple of other standout tracks include the sweet pursuit record “Hey Girl”, the independent “Problems”, and what I think should be the single — “ROML” f/ SLik d. It’s got a different, mainstream production than the heavy hip hop feel of the rest of the tape and Nique does his thing there. Ladies, perhaps start there or with “Hey Girl”. The other guests are minimal and appear on a fuck your haters anthem, “FAYH”, as Nick Crucial and longtime Vegas Flo Deep partna, Marion Write, assist. Without further ado, I gave ya enough starting points. Get in tune with Nique once again, or for the first time, as we hope to see more music arrive with Nique currently at work on the album.

D.O.P.E stands for Dishing Out Pure Excellence — I’d say that’s fitting here.

BONUS: I picked Nique’s new project from the new Gowhere Community. Artists, I’m looking here first! Sign up and submit for a possible feature like this.