Rome Fortune ‘Beautiful Pimp II’

As we all know, SXSW has been poppin’ off this week and with so many new artists being showcased it is only right I came across some talent.  Rome Fortune was one of these artists, and after coming across him I was able to converse with his manager Mike Boyd.

After conversing with Mr. Boyd I sat and listened to Rome’s newest mixtape “Beautiful Pimp II”, which left me realizing he made such an incredible mixtape with what felt like such ease.  Each track leaves you intrigued and waiting for the next, but it all feels very effortless which leaves a nice feeling. With Rome Fortune having a lot of Jazz musicians in his family, he utilized these different outlets of music into his own well-crafted sound.

For a project to really grab my attention it must contain some key factors: first being sonically good sounding, second fluidity, and lastly unique creative flows  showcasing his lyricism.  “Beautiful Pimp II” contained all that, and from song to song he had very unique sounds but in the end he kept a general sound that stood out to me.  The fact that Rome has a very unorthodox sound and still rides a beat in his own specific way was what really kept me interested throughout the whole album.