Sidewalk Chalk ‘Leaves’

Sidewalk Chalk is #1 when it comes to a Chicago collective of hip hop, soul, jazz, and more. The group boasts an MC and female vocalist to handle the words, and are primarily backed by a trumpet and trombone with keyboards, bass, drums, and even a tap dancer (see: “Nashville”).

Their new project drops today called Leaves — the next after their 2012 debut Corner Store. I’ve seen them live since said debut and really rocked with them on another level after they hit The Shrine stage. Leaves has the same effect and I am imagining the same live sounds translating super well as I listen to the project below.

After one listen in fact, I’m ready to run it back. My favorite tracks are littered across the beginning, middle, and end: “To Love You”, “Mary The Beautiful”, “There She Goes”, “Memory Plea”, and “Small Voice” (if I had to pick a handful). I love the contrast of Rico Sisney, the rhymer, and Maggie Vagie (the vocalist) throughout. Vagie’s sultry, soulful delivery is especially powerful on the aforementioned tracks. Like, in a ‘stop what you’re doing, who is that?’ type of way. Without further ado, I suggest you press that play button and leave it running in the background. I think you’ll find the subject matter relatable and the sounds infectious. After all, the hip hop, soul, jazz fusion is right up my alley and Leaves is an easy *Tibs Fav. from beginning to end.

Says Rico Sisney:

The album is about growth, growing pains, and letting go of the past if need be.

Says Maggie Vagie:

It’s also about unfolding into a new color. Shedding to shine brighter.

(love this!)

Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk

h/t Relix