WindChill “A Chicago Instrumentation Experience” [Mixtape]

Mishka assembled a league of beatsmiths as they release “A Chicago Instrumentation Experience” that includes production from some of Chicago’s most coveted acts. More on the project itself below.

Wind Chill is an instrumental showcase of Chicago. No verses, no choruses. All instrumental, all Chicago everything. While each track was created by a different producer, together they encompass the entirety of the Windy City. They come from all parts of the city, some of whom have since left for dreams out in LA, while others have traveled from places like St. Louis, Philadelphia, Minnesota and taken shelter within Chicago. For some of these producers, music production is a past time. For others, it is a career. Regardless, every track on Wind Chill is a part of Chicago, like a side street you know so well, like a restaurant you constantly frequent. All of these nineteen tracks together make one hell of a chill instrumental experience, one that only the wind can provide.