Zion I “Master of Ceremonies EP”

“The Masters of Ceremony is the first EP in a series created to fortify the cultural aspects of Hip Hop. We took it back to ground zero in creating these songs. The sole purpose of the MC is to energize, invigorate, and guide the listener to a higher state of mind, whether that be reflection, relaxation or enlightenment. This is the culture and not the business of Hip Hop, to serve as a tuning fork to the emotions, that we may contemplate our current state collectively and forge our collective destiny with heightened perspective. A lot of people MC, but many have no idea what it really means.”

– Zumbi

This is my first time hearing this EP, but if you are on this site, you clearly love hip hop, so you will hands down love this old school sounding EP.  It has that hard California sound with all around great production from AmpLive and MC Zumbi brings the lyrics through every track.