Arron Afflalo sold Kendrick Lamar CDs in high school

Looks like the fun “Black Boy Fly” connection between Kendrick Lamar and Arron Afflalo continues. The latter detailed his come-up from bootlegging CDs in Compton, as well as one of his customers, in a new first-person essay for The Players Tribune.

This one guy from my school named Kendrick Duckworth was really into hip-hop. He asked me to burn him Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt. That’s an all-time classic from ’96. You couldn’t just go to the store and buy all these albums, you know? It would cost too much money. But you could come to me and get it for $5.

Kendrick eventually started making his own music. He got pretty good at it, too. You’ve probably heard of him. He goes by the name Kendrick Lamar.

#TheHustle. Read the full essay here.

If you heard “In Da Club” coming from a car stereo in Compton in 2003, there’s a really good chance that CD was burned by Arron Afflalo.