Best of 2014 Slam Dunk

Last night, the Sprite Slam Dunk had quite the polarizing, mixed reviews. The format only allowed for 1 dunk each in the Battle Round as the East swept for a team victory. It was John Wall‘s closing dunk that ended the contest and won him Dunker of the Night.

For me, I agree with much of the sentiment of the dunk contest falling flat. The format needs to be tweaked and I think there needs to be one more round of the winning team or the top 3 dunkers to crown a true individual winner. Fortunately, the dunks themselves were quality. In fact, all the ones I especially liked were captured by NBA’s Phantom Cam above. And wow, I have an even greater appreciation for the dunks now. Beautiful.

Here are some more videos below of some of the individual dunks and some of the great images of Drake.

One last note: All-Star Saturday could have also improved with about 3-5 more Marco Belinelli interviews.