Bulls Show 159: They Are Who We Thought They Were, Maybe

From Nillz:

Bulls have gone from undefeated to .500 real quick. Mitch, Nillz & Ricky discuss whether the Bulls got exposed this as the team most expected. We also throw shade at the Derrick Rose haters, crown “Bull of the Week,” and make our best guess as to which team shows up this week. We wrap things up with a look around the league from the KD/Westbrook beef to the dominant Cavs.

And from me: to echo the thoughts of Mitch, Nillz, and Ricky (all in agreement above) — what’s up with the Derrick Rose hate?

I was upset to see that upon his first introduction as a visitor in the United Center, Rose got some boos that were fortunately overcome by cheers. It was even worse though when he was getting boos when he touched the ball in the first quarter. They weren’t LeBron-level boos, but still. I feel like a section of the Bulls fanbase took Rose for granted that he brought us back to contender status and even high-level relevancy for the first time post-Jordan. He’ll remain a polarizing figure in Bulls franchise history, but his personal career arc still has a lot left to write in my opinion.

For one night, I was OK with the Bulls losing if it meant that Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah got some level of satisfaction after the way they were moved on from by the organization (Rose: traded, Noah: unnecessary comments on the way out by owner Jerry Reinsdorf). I couldn’t help but smile after Joakim kept patting Rose on the head as they checked out after Rose iced the game with a patented and-1 finish.

Of course, Rose owning all Three Alphas on this play was perhaps symbolic, at least for a night, too.

We’ll end it on a happy note: a well-executed Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah tribute set to Chance’s “Finish Line / Drown”.