Bulls Show 91: Divided on Doug

It’s the post-NBA Draft edition of The Bulls Show and a special episode that finds the gang reunited to react to the Bulls’ 1st round draft selection of Doug McDermott. And guess who makes a cameo? Yours truly, Sgt. Tibs!

I joined Mitch, Nillz, and E to watch the Draft together and banter about Dougie McBuckets as a fit for the Bulls and the selection’s potential impact on the team’s pursuits of Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love. Oh, and there’s a hilarious game of Role Play, PTI-style, with Mitch as Carmelo, Nillz as Gar Forman, E as John Paxson, and even me as Scottie Pippen.

There aren’t many better times to listen to an NBA podcast in the midst of an unpredictable off-season so give us a play on this lazy Friday at work (or on the way home if you’re being productive.) Enjoy!

ICYMIMy friend Jose and I were amazing…ly awful at picking the NBA Draft.

Down below: Us watching the NBA Draft on Twitter.