Derrick Rose 25 PTS vs. Lakers (Full Highlights)

Allow me the rare full game highlights because Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and Luol Deng were all on the same court together and it was all the feels.

Especially because Rose was on fire.

I watched this game tonight and I felt like I was watching something close to Peak Knicks, who are now tied for third in the Eastern Conference. You got one of Rose’s most efficient games of the season (25 PTS, 12-16 shooting), Porzingis leading all scorers with 26 (and 7 blocks), Brandon Jennings poured in 15 fourth quarter points, and Melo handled some set-up duty (7 assists) because his shot wasn’t falling. Joakim Noah even had a reverse slam that doubled as his most spry moment this season.

Allow my bball nerdom to continue: there were a lot of Rose or Jennings pick and posts with KP in the high post. Rose attacked for a mid-range step back, Jennings pulled from 3, and Porzingis shot over the guards or got fouled taking it into the cup. Definitely more effective than the triangle.

Alas, the best moment of the night for this Thibs Era Bulls “Stan” was the showdown between Rose and Deng, with the Knicks up 4 and less than 40 seconds left in the game. 2016 man, it continues to be surreal. Watch how that unfolded along with Rose’s electrifying floaters above (…just teared up thinking about Peak Rose’s dunks…)