Drake x Bill & Jalen’s Playoff Preview

As part of a week-long web series on Grantland, Bill Simmons & Jalen Rose are breaking down the league’s burning questions heading into the start of the NBA Playoffs on Saturday.

For one of the questions, Bill and Jalen sit down with Drake in the Grantland Studios, which should come as no surprise to anyone who caught Drake with them on ESPN NBA Countdown last week.

Of course, the topic at hand is Drake’s hometown Raptors as he answers, “If the Raptors make the conference finals, would that be the greatest moment in Toronto basketball history?” In the process, Drake reps for the T. Dot and explains the intense fanbase. Watch the quick clip above, and for any NBA fan, dive into more of the Playoff Preview here (I may or may not have watched every video because they’re that fun and thought-provoking, and I’ve watched every Bill & Jalen video in the past 2 seasons because they’re that fun and thought-provoking.)