Jimmy Butler Game-Winning 3 vs. Hawks

JIMMY G. BUCK3TS, the G. stands for Game-Winning.

First, press play. Next, I’m going to agree with Stacey King there.

Nope, not “Jimmy Jordan”. Stacey’s first words after the Lillard-esque buzzer beater, that it’s just pre-season. But damn. No matter what game it is, that’s a big shot.

This capped off a ridiculous 4th quarter from Jimmy Butler, who scored 20 of his 29 points in the 4th quarter; 18 of which was in the last 5:18 of the game. During this stretch, the Bulls came back from a double digit deficit to tie the game at 82 with less than 10 seconds left on 3 clutch free throws by… you guessed it… Jimmy Butler. Hawks guard Dennis Schröder made a nifty euro-step layup to put them ahead 84-82 with 1.5 seconds, which set the stage for the thrilling game-winner.

Now, I’m as excited as the next Bulls fan at Jimmy’s 4th quarter and his entire preseason thus far. He’s been all over the place offensively and defensively, drawing fouls at will and finishing at the rim with the body control of his backcourt mate Derrick Rose. Here’s where I temper things a little bit, Stacey, by noting that tonight’s 20 point 4th Quarter came against the Hawks’ 3rd unit. Even still, this should only boost Jimmy’s confidence going into a big season and possible restricted free agency next summer if the Bulls don’t sign him to an extension before Halloween. It’s this confident, intangible effect on Butler and the Bulls that makes the pre-season matter and pay off in morale-boosting moments like this. Perhaps this highly-intense #ThibsBall of the pre-season will prove large dividends come June…

Below is a Vine from @TheBullsShow and a raw IG from The Boy Illinois, reppin’ at the game tonite. Wow, this UC crowd made it feel like a playoff game, huh?

And UPDATE: You’re going to want to scroll even further for the full 20 point 4th Quarter highlights and the ensuing toast to Jimmy from a drunk Mark Wahlberg (!)

“Thibs has stepped up his fist pump game.” – @TheBullsShow (LMAO. True.)

"I've done this before." - Jimmy Butler, probably.

“I’ve done this before.” – Jimmy Butler, probably.

Full Highlights of Jimmy Butler’s 20 point 4th Quarter:


My guy @markwahlberg told me it would be a big year! Thanks for the support brotha!

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(In case this feels completely random to you, the Mark Wahlberg / Jimmy Butler bromance started in the summer of ’13…)