Nate Robinson 40-Foot Turnaround Jumper

__[name here]___ being __[name here]___ is an overused sports cliche stemming from Manny being Manny (Ramirez) during the 2004 Red Sox World Series run. That said, I think it fairly applies for Nate Robinson. This highlight of the night is the newest reason why.

In tonight’s game, Nate Robinson returned to the United Center where he galvanized Bulls fans during his lone 2012-13 season here in Chicago. He checked into the game in the 3rd Quarter and received a large applause from the home crowd, which he acknowledged proudly. Moments after, he did this.

I loved it. Laughed out loud, in fact, because those are the types of shots Nate Robinson made as a Bull, most notably in the remarkable Game 4 of the Bulls-Nets 1st Round series in which the Bulls came back from 14 down with just a few minutes left to win in triple OT. Apparently, Coach Tom Thibodeau even smirked at the shot, which is all the reason you need to press play above.

Nate Robinson on his return to Chicago:

It gave me chills. It was a flashback for me and all the good times I had here. The signs and other things from the fans were great. Chicago knows how to treat its players. I will always have a special place in my heart for this city.

Joakim Noah’s reaction to the shot:

Of course he would hit it. *shakes head*