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NBA 2K17 #Friction (Trailer)

Yesterday afternoon, USA Basketball brought home the gold and it marked the end of a fun summer of hoops after the thrilling Game 7 that concluded the 2016 season.

If you’re like me, you asked: Now what?!

Not in a bad way, but what’s next to look forward to because the start of the season still feels like a long two months away.

NBA 2K17 is the answer, and it drops on September 16th. All this week, they’ll be revealing features and videos of the new game, which will include this year’s Olympic squad and the ’92 Dream Team already.

Here’s the first cinematic look at the game, set to an addicting song called “Friction” and epitomized by the screengrab I nabbed above. Per usual around this time of year, it’s super cool to imagine all the new faces in new places (except for the whole Rose v. Rondo trade off for ya boy’s hometown team but alas…) and 2K nailed it with everyone throughout this trailer if you keep your eyes peeled. Enjoy and embrace it and expect more goodies to come soon…