Steph Curry’s Career Mixtape

What more can you say about Steph Curry?

He’s the first player in league history to be voted the unanimous MVP, as announced the day after he sets an NBA record with 17 overtime points in a mesmerizing victory in Portland.

I’m just here to make sure you see, first: Steph Curry’s Career Mixtape, as put together by the NBA. It has everything. Hence, career, but seriously; as someone who has watched countless Curry highlights, especially in his all-star rise the last few years. It’s also cut so wonderfully that you’ll get a lot of slick crossovers and passes to go along with the deep bombs.

If you liked that, why not carve out 7 more minutes to watch a fantastic Top 30 Play countdown of just this season. Cannot wait for the rest of these Playoffs now that Steph’s back.